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Determination of German Citizenship, naturalisation

We will check for you whether you meet the requirements for determining your German citizenship or for naturalization and accompany you in the application process as well as, if necessary, in taking legal action.

Determination of German Citizenship


The procedure for determining German citizenship is geared towards issuing a citizenship card. It will be determined whether the applicant is already a German citizen.


The most common reason for acquiring German citizenship is descent from German ancestors. Many events in the life of the applicant and his ancestors can be significant for the acquisition and loss of German citizenship. These can be family events (e.g. birth or marriage) and political or legal developments (e.g. collective naturalization during World War II or the acquisition of foreign citizenship).


In the determination procedure, German citizenship must be substantiated by means of appropriate documents (civil status documents, proof of residence, etc.) If this process comes to a successful end, a national ID card will be issued.



Under certain conditions, foreigners can acquire German citizenship upon application. As a rule, the following requirements must be met:


  • Settlement or residence permit, Union or Swiss citizen

  • Usually having lived in Germany for 8 years

  • Proof of ability to financially support yourself

  • Knowledge of German to a B1 level

  • basic civic knowledge

  • no multiple nationalities

  • no criminal record

  • Commitment to the free and democratic order of the German Constitution, no evidence of extremist or terrorist activity


If one of these requirements is not met, you are not entitled to naturalization. So-called discretionary citizenship is possible, however. That is, the naturalization authority can approve naturalization if there is a public interest in naturalization and some minimum requirements are met.


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