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Sports law is an intersection of many converging areas of law. Questions from a diversity of legal areas such as general contract law, labor law, tenancy law, corporate law, trademark law, tax law, or public services, must often be taken into account with a view to the specifics of the client’s situation. It’s particularly important to keep regulations of the individual sports associations in mind, in the event of (impending) sanctions under association law.


We advise athletes, clubs, and player agents



In the sports law department, we advise and support individual athletes with contract negotiations - particularly employment, sponsorship and advertising contracts. We also offer assistance dealing with disputes between athletes and employers, and in other legal and tax matters.

Let our lawyers advise you on contract law and represent you in the event of a conflict. We are committed to your interests nationwide as well as in cross-border cases that are not uncommon in international sports today - for example in the case of a player transfer and the associated contractual framework.



In addition to athletes, we also advise sport clubs on questions relating to the creation or amendment of statutes, as well as non-profit status and the drafting of other contracts, in particular employment and sponsorship contracts.

Questions about the creation or amendment of statutes as well as non-profit status, trademark rights, copyrights or sports contract rights are, among other things, areas in which we are at your side with our advice on association law.

Particularly in employment law contexts or when dealing with sponsorship contracts, we are committed to our core competencies in the relevant areas of law. The lawyers in our sports law department in Frankfurt offer you comprehensive legal advice with a high level of advisory competence.

Player Agents


We advise and support agents with regard to the drafting of advisory contracts. We can also take over the legal aspects of their work.

Sports sponsorship is now part of everyday life in the economic relationships between companies or individuals, clubs and athletes. As a rule, sports sponsorship should complement the classic communication instruments of advertising, sales promotion and PR with a high identification value.


This gives rise to a number of legal questions on which we advise athletes and clubs in our sports law department in our Frankfurt office. This includes, among other things, the clarification of the contractual requirements for sports sponsorship in club or association statutes, the granting of licenses (use of emblems or logos of sponsors), the specific contractual provisions, e.g. for equipment and testimonial contracts, advertising rights as well as rights and obligations from agreed services.

Our office is in Frankfurt. However, we advise and represent clients throughout Germany. Your contact persons are Ms. Griessl and Mr. Kanopka.


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