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Brazil Desk and Hungary Desk

The attorneys at WYN LEGAL consist of German Anwälte as well as a Brazilian Advogada and a Hungarian Ügyvéd. Our international desks are staffed with experienced legal professionals, both from Germany and abroad, and can offer sound legal advice with an international perspective.

We here at WYN Legal are here to offer legal guidance when doing business outside of Germany.

Our goal is to prepare our clients to take action and prevent foreseeable legal or regulatory obstacles in the foreign market(s) before they happen.​


Depending on the specifics of the location, we can then offer advice during the finalization process in-house or by coordinating with consultants based abroad.


International legal experience for your business

Our multilingual lawyers (besides German our lawyers are also fluent in English, French, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and Hindi) support international clients who want to settle or invest in Germany.


We are looking forward to hearing from you! Your contact persons are Mr Kanopka, Ms Griessl and Ms Becker-Kovács and Ms. Advogada (Brazil) Souza Kückelhaus.


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