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Start-up, take-over and succession consulting

In order to be long-term and aimed at success, business activities should always be planned in such a way that the legal framework is kept in mind. This applies to the start-up phase of a company and ideally also taking into account possible developments in the future.


Corporate law issues are of diverse nature

  • Would you like to bring in other shareholders in the future?

  • Would you prefer to focus on flexible arrangements or should longer exit periods and other measures create more commitment and commitment for the current company?

  • How do you position yourself to prevent competition between your own co-shareholders as much as possible?

  • Where do you actually settle?


The questions that can be asked are as various as life can be. A detailed and thorough consultation is therefore recommended.


Our corporate law services

We advise you in the following areas:

  • Establishment and structuring of companies;

  • Advice on the choice of legal form;

  • Business activities of foreign companies in Germany;

  • Corporate restructuring: acquisitions, mergers, integrations and spin-offs;

  • Formation of joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Our office is in Frankfurt. However, we advise and represent clients throughout Germany. Your contact for this is Mr. Kanopka.


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