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Drafting of Contracts, Protection against Dismissal

Employee rights have an existential significance for both the employee and the employer. You should therefore always ask a competent lawyer for advice in all matters of employment law.

Our law firm offers you comprehensive legal expertise and represents your interests in all aspects of employment law. As attorneys, we advise both employees and employers on all aspects of employment law.

Your contact persons for queries related to employment law are Mr. Kanopka and Mrs. Griessl. We serve clients in all over Germany from our office in Frankfurt.


Legal Advice - Attorneys in Frankfurt

Many law firms that work purely under labor law work either only for the employer or only for the employee side. As we act independently of employer or employee organizations, we do not see this strict separation as necessary for our legal work. The task of the lawyer as an independent body of the administration of justice - also standardized in § 1 of the Federal Lawyers' Act (BRAO) - is, among other things, to contribute to the functioning of the rule of law.


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Drafting of Contracts, Protection against Dismissal

  • Employment contracts, Review and drafting of Employment contracts

  • Warning, Preparation and checking for legally secure warnings

  • Severance pay and Unemployment benefit

  • Settlement agreement, Termination agreement

  • Work organization and Overtime

  • Temporary employment

  • Limitation periods

  • Out of court settlements

  • Extraordinary / Immediate termination

  • Fixed-term employment contracts, Review and Drafting of fixed-term employment contracts

  • Special protection against dismissal

  • Termination for operational reasons

  • Operations Transfer

  • Continued payment in the event of illness

  • Posting of employees of foreign employers in Germany, International employee assignments, expats, Inpats

  • Parental leave, part time, Parental part time

  • Release after termination

  • Counter-notification to the warning

  • Cross-border activity of employees, Transfer of employees abroad

  • Termination, Legally secure enforcement of terminations and Defense against unauthorized terminations

  • Dismissal protection suit

  • Wage and salary payments

  • Bullying at work

  • Maternity Protection

  • Sideline

  • Personal termination

  • Bogus self-employment

  • Sports Labor Law

  • Collective bargaining law and minimum wage

  • Vacation, Vacation entitlement, Vacation pay, Vacation compensation

  • Contractual relationships between embassies and Foreign representations

  • Non-compete, Retrospective non-compete and Compensation

  • Certificate, Interim certificate


Activity all over Germany

We meet this task in the interests of our clients, which are employees and executives, but also employers (small and medium-sized companies or German branches of international corporations) and ensure that our clients' rights outside and before courts throughout Germany are enforced.


Your contact persons for employment law are Mr. Kanopka and Mrs. Griessl.


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