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Contract drafting, right of termination, collective bargaining law: In the field of labor law, your interests are in the best of hands with an experienced lawyer in our Frankfurt office. Throughout Germany, we represent employers and employees equally, knowledgeably. We offer solution-oriented advisory services of the highest standards in a sensitive area of law.


Legal advice and representation for employers and employees

Our experienced lawyers are at your side at all matters of labor law - WYN LEGAL, your representatives in Frankfurt and Berlin:


  • Lawyers with extensive experience in labor law

  • A team of lawyers with international experience: we speak your language!

  • Representation of employers, executives and employees - nationally and internationally

  • Support during contract disputes

  • Out-of-court engagement for a fair balance of interests

  • Litigation-experienced representation in court

  • Transparent law firm / digital inspection of files: Clients have access to all correspondence at all times

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The relationship between employer and employee is not always free of conflict. Cases in labor law are often complex. To navigate difficult cases you need a lawyer who will protect your rights and represent you with clear goals in mind. In our Frankfurt office, lawyers Vania Griessl and Martin Kanopka are committed to your interests in all legal questions of individual and collective labor law. We represent employers, executives, and employees alike in all matters of labor law with a high level of advisory competence. Give us a call if you are looking for legal advice and competent legal assistance, or contact us here. You can find out more about us and our law firm on our website.


Legal advice for cases of dismissal and protection against dismissal


When conflicts in working life escalate and operational success becomes endangered by problems in the workplace that can’t be mutually resolved, termination of the employment relationship is often inevitable. Employment relationships are formally terminated with a letter of resignation. If an employer terminates a contract without proper written notice after an Abmahnung (German legally-binding form of disciplinary action against employees), all formal requirements, including legal protections against dismissal, need to be met in order for the termination to be valid under labor law. The same goes for terminations due to personal, behavioral or operational reasons. A lawyer from our firm in Frankfurt is able to offer valuable assistance to companies with employment law issues related to termination. Of course, we are also a reliable point of contact for employees who need support with letters of resignation or when special contractual agreements have to be taken into account, as is often the case with executive employees.

Employment contract


Not everything that the employer and employee agree to in an employment contract is legal by definition. Even if the principle of freedom of contract applies in labor law, the freedom of design is restricted, for example, by statutory provisions (collective agreements) or internal agreements. The main aim here is to protect employees and managerial staff from discrimination (for example through special clauses). If you have any questions regarding labor law, you can contact a lawyer in our Frankfurt office. We also are available if you would like to have employment contracts professionally reviewed.

Severance pay


Contrary to popular belief, employees aren’t legally entitled to severance pay. Accordingly, employers are not obliged to pay severance after every termination. However, there are exceptions if there are specific provisions that justify it, such as in social plans, collective bargaining agreements, or with provisions that are common in management contracts and, in special cases, in individual employment contracts. In the context of an action for protection against dismissal (§§ 9, 10 KSCHG), the court can order the employer to pay severance if the conditions set out in labor law are met. Let a lawyer in our Frankfurt office advise you.


Representation in all areas of labor law

  • Appealing disciplinary action taken against employees (Abmahnung)

  • Collective bargaining law and minimum wage infractions

  • Continued payment of wages in cases of illness

  • Contractual deadlines and grace periods

  • Contractual relationships between embassies and diplomatic organizations

  • Harassment at the workplace

  • Illegitimate terminations, termination without notice

  • Layoffs, furloughs, and workforce reductions

  • Legal protection against dismissal

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Non-compete clauses, retroactive non-compete clauses, and related compensation

  • Out of court settlements

  • Parental leave, part time work agreements during parental leave

  • Payments of wages and salaries

  • Premature release from work contract

  • Preparation and proofreading of written warnings to employees (Abmahnung)

  • Professional certificates, interim credentials

  • Review and drafting of employment contracts

  • Review and drafting of fixed-term employment contracts

  • Settlement agreements, termination by mutual agreement

  • Severance pay and unemployment benefits

  • Temporary employment contracts

  • Termination, legal enforcement of terminations and defense against illegitimate termination

  • Terminations for operational reasons

  • Transfer of employees to and from abroad, international employee assignments, expats, inpats

  • Vacation pay, contracted amount of vacation days, compensation for unused vacation

  • Workplace regulations and overtime

  • Wrongful dismissal lawsuits


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